Rigorous Restraint For Unlucky Realtors

Release Date: Sep.09.2019
Running Time: 0:50:50
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Melody Marks, Mackenzie Moss

Realtor-in-training Melody Marks was checking a house undergoing renovation when she made a shocking discovery. Melody called head realtor Mackenzie Moss with the disturbing information but only reached her voicemail. Before she could leave the house, Melody was confronted by the painters, who were operating a smuggling operation under the cover of their legitimate business. Tied up in the corner next to containers full of contraband, her soft lips stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct- tape, Melody struggled on the floor in her blouse and skirt, hoping that Mackenzie would come to her rescue. Melody later tried to escape on her own by slipping off her heels and wriggling toward the door in her stockinged feet, but after she was caught and an additional rope folded her legs, the innocent girl lay writhing on her side.

Melody didn't know that Mackenzie was in no position to rescue her because she'd been seized by one of the gang sent to her office. No sooner had she listened to Melody's alarming voice message than the slender young woman sat bound on the couch, then was silenced with cloth and duct-tape like her intern. Mackenzie remained a submissive captive while the thug searched through her records for any evidence that could incriminate their operation. But when he ignored her and Mackenzie spotted her phone on the desk, she kicked off her heels, then stood carefully and hopped to the desk on her stockinged feet to grab the phone. Her movements alerted the intruder, however, and Mackenzie was rewarded with a rope-link that left her lying immobilized on her side.

Mackenzie was transported to the house at the center of the smuggling scheme, where she sat tied-up on an old mattress, her lips spread by a knotted black cloth; she was still dressed in pantyhose and a short skirt but her black blouse had been disheveled to bare her breasts. Bound and gagged in similar fashion, her breasts also exposed, Melody joined Mackenzie a short time later and sat next to her on the mattress. Their bound ankles were connected by a short rope-link that limited the realtors' mobility as they strained against frustrating ropework. The smugglers were hard at work clearing the house of their illegal valuables so paid little attention to the innocent women they were holding but were amused by strenuous contortions that ended with Mackenzie and Melody both twisting awkwardly on their sides.

As the phony painters neared the end of their clear-out, they moved the potential whistle-blowers to a different location in the house, where they sat roped to light, wire-framed chairs; both Melody and Mackenzie had been stripped to their panties. Bare-breasted and barefoot, they murmured to each other through microfoam tape-gags, then Melody rubbed her face against Mackenzie's until the gag loosened and she was able to call for help. But the only response they received came from the annoyed lawbreakers, who replaced their gags with dark tape and warned them about the perils of defiance. As they shivered in near nudity, the bound and gagged pair continued to struggle apprehensively, until their futile efforts to loosen ankle-tethers and wrist ropes overturned their chairs and propelled them onto the floor.

Although Mackenzie and Melody were relieved to see that the crooked schemers were on their way out the door, the gagged and trussed nudes remained aware of their vulnerability as they sat side-by-side on a cafeteria table. Before disappearing from their lives, the sneering gang leader explained that it would be inconvenient to release them -- indeed it would be in the best interest of his crew if they were more stringently restrained. The ruthless man followed through with hogties that left Mackenzie arching on top of the table, while Melody elevated her bowed body on a square platform below her. The unfortunate realtors were at least free of the smugglers who'd turned their business upside down but losing their ropes would take much longer.

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