Fantastic Plastic Bondage Magic

Release Date: Feb.10.2020
Running Time: 0:48:54
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lexi Lore, Kenzie Madison

Bound hand and foot, tape-gagged and confined in large plastic bags with only their heads protruding, Lexi Lore and Kenzie Madison were in plenty of trouble. Their alarming situation had been arranged by people they'd never encountered before, who'd placed Lexi and Kenzie in a small crevice next to a spacious living-room. By struggling intensively, the bound and gagged women managed to free themselves from the plastic containers, then edged along the carpeted surface and up stairs they hoped would lead to escape from their plight. But their path was blocked by a figure determined to maintain his control over the innocent pair.

Kenzie and Lexi wore even tighter dresses and were subdued with more extensive ropework, then seated at opposite ends of a long couch with their ankles tethered to its legs. As they twisted in oppressive bondage, the barefoot girls murmured to each other through red bandanna gags tied between their lips. Lexi and Kenzie were shocked when their breasts were bared but responded by straining closer together and reaching out to bound wrists whose knotted coils continued to defy them. Their struggles brought them onto the floor, where the weary couple sat back-to-back, still controlled by rope.

Lighter and darker shades of pink differentiated the bras and panties worn by Lexi and Kenzie, who'd been moved from the couch to stools in front of a bar. Duct-tape gags muffled voices that had been unable to communicate freely during their entire ordeal but their anxious whimpers filled the air. Once again, unseen hands exposed rope- framed breasts and helpless heroines writhed indignantly on the rotating chairs until they were restricted by links connecting their upper bodies and ankles to the wooden structures. Sitting face-to-face and barely able to move, Kenzie and Lexi gazed anxiously around the spacious room surrounding them and wondered if their bodies would ever be free of rope. 

Freed from clothing but certainly not from ropecraft, Lexi and Kenzie stood next to each other in naked restraint before the lower end of a large wooden bed to which they'd been attached. Still contending against their bondage, the powerless friends turned and pressed their faces together in an attempt to peel off the frustrating duct-tape. When snug proximity brought their bare breasts in contact, the physical stress and anxiety that had overwhelmed Kenzie and Lexi gave way to sensual giggling and playful contortions. But this erotic interlude was brief because they were soon lowered to the floor, where the bound nudes sat curled up by leg-folding tethers and leaned close in resigned submission to the powers mastering them. 

Simplicity was the theme of their concluding restrictive encounter: Hands tied behind their backs and bound ankles hitched to the headboard of the bed where they lay squirming on their stomachs, Lexi and Kenzie raised faces whose eyes widened expressively above black tape-gags. Before long, their legs were freed from the headboard but then folded so that bare feet could rise close in connection to bound hands in hogties. Lexi and Kenzie arched strenuously and rolled onto their sides during their final bondage experience; when their limbs were free of rope and their voices no longer stifled by gags, the two nude friends had some opinions to express. 

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