The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Deja Vu

Release Date: Feb.10.2020
Running Time: 0:40:0
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning

That man chatting casually on the phone seems familiar -- and so he is to Detective Holly Manning, who he's placed in a position she remembers all too well. Seated on the couch only a few feet away from him, Holly's tightly roped in her sweater and jeans while her mouth's covered with duct-tape. Unable to free herself, the distressed detective is powerless to prevent her old enemy from removing her sandals, then contemptuously raising her legs onto his lap so he can gloat about reviving their old bondage relationship. While he prowls about her house, Holly's left lying facedown on the couch, where the barefoot prisoner strains with all her might against his hated ropework but remains under its control until he returns.

He has a surprise for Detective Manning -- a tight, short and glistening black dress that she slips into once she's briefly untied. But the ropes reappear when she's moved to a backyard bar and stands simply but effectively restrained with her arms raised overhead and her ankles tied. As Holly yanks on the rope connecting her arms to the ceiling, she twists cautiously on her high heels that her nemesis soon thoughtfully removes. Rising in frustration on tiptoes, Holly murmurs angrily through the cloth tied between her lips, a gag that's replaced with safety wrap covering her lips after the detective is pinned to a wooden chair with a rope around her chest and her wrists tied separately to the chair-arms. Holly eyes the gleeful man apprehensively as she kicks up her bare feet because she's well aware that he has more activities planned.

Another change of clothing occurs after Holly's moved back indoors to her office. Efficiently trussed up in a more modest but still fetching green dress, the humiliated detective sits on a rolling chair and directs a few pointed remarks at her enemy before he stuffs cloth into her mouth and secures the gag with tape. Holly's allowed to twist and strain in the chair, then rolls it across the room and places her bound wrists against a refrigerator's door-handle in a desperate attempt to loosen the knotted rope. But her ever-vigilant admirer quickly thwarts her initiative and places her on the floor after removing her shoes; struggling in front of her desk, Detective Manning stretches out her legs then curls up on her hip while he enjoys her barefoot contortions. If there was any question who was in charge, he answered it by picking up the helpless Holly and cradling her in his arms.

Detective Manning's master shows that he's not entirely hard-hearted because she's moved to her soft bed for the day's last demonstration of his dominance. Of course she's still tightly bound in her top and slacks and he can't resist placing cloth in her mouth and sealing it in place with tape. Rolling around on the bed, Holly knows she's been defeated and can only hope that this obsessive man will accept his victory and disappear. Which he does in due time, but not before adding a layer of duct-tape to her gag and bringing those fine bare feet close to her hands in a hogtie that leaves her arching hopelessly as he walks out the door.

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