Amarna And Kristy's Bondage-Prone Home

Release Date: Apr.30.2018
Running Time: 0:37:10
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Amarna Miller, Kristy May

What more could confident businesswoman Amarna Miller and her assistant- lover Kristy May ask for -- a thriving company, a great relationship and now a beautiful new home! But the wonderful narrative began to unravel when Amarna and Kristy were confronted by unscrupulous competitors who demanded the surrender of a laptop loaded with proprietary data. Amarna was bound and gagged alone at first while the intruders hunted for Kristy's hiding place; when they found her, the devious operatives used the delicate girl to interrogate her lover! As Amarna lay hogtied on the couch, Kristy unhappily tickled her ultra-sensitive stockinged soles until she divulged the laptop's location; once she'd served their purpose, Amarna was gagged with duct-tape, while Kristy was left hogtied and tape- gagged below her on the floor!

The two shaken home-owners were beginning to recover from their first distressing experience when they were accosted in their bedroom by Amarna's vengeful ex-girlfriend! Tightly bound and ball-gagged, Amarna and Kristy writhed in their silky short nightgowns on the bed where'd they'd cuddled happily mere moments before! Their situation deteriorated after the bare-breasted lovers strained desperately on the floor attempting to free themselves; the bitter woman escalated her vendetta by removing Kristy's ball-gag, then ordering her to suck Amarna's toes! Of course, she couldn't allow her ex to escape without equivalent misery, so as Amarna lay back on the floor, Kristy was compelled to jam her toes, then an entire foot, between her helpless lover's lips!

Surely Amarna and Kristy's disturbing encounters had come to an end -- who else would want to bedevil them with bondage? How about the hot- tempered couple who they'd outbid to win their wonderful new dwelling? Threats had flown like birds of prey but Amarna worried only about the potential of legal action; instead it was very illegal action that roped her and Kristy to their elegant dining-chairs! Casually dressed for a pleasant day outdoors, the stunned women instead struggled indignantly and mouthed knotted black cleave-gags while their former rivals smirked. Their illicit enjoyment increased once Kristy and Amarna knelt bare-breasted and facing each other on the chairs linked by rope!

To complete their ruthless treatment of Amarna and Kristy, the hostile couple left them bound, gagged and naked on one of the luxurious couches they'd hoped to utilize in a much more enjoyable fashion! First squirming on their stomachs, bound ankles tethered to the couch legs, the disheartened nudes murmured pathetically behind the duct-tape sealing their lips. Their bizarre journey into restraint concluded with a cruel parody of togetherness as the tightly-trussed lovers sat face-to-face, legs wrapped around each other, unable to ignore the mocking laughter that filled their ears! 

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