Helpless Heroines' Horrible Housemates

Release Date: Apr.30.2018
Running Time: 0:45:6
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Carol Luna, Celeste Rasmussen

Recruiting housemates to help with the rent seemed like a good idea at the time, but the couple had proved toxic; now they were on the way out. Or at least that was what a relieved Celeste Rasmussen told her friend Carol Luna as she curled up on her bed, phone in hand. As innocent little Celeste would discover, they had a plan of their own and it began with binding and gagging her! Securely trussed and cleave-gagged, she twisted timidly on the bed, then recoiled when the mean-spirited pair bared her breasts. Her legs folded by a tether, Celeste struggled awkwardly until she fell onto her side; she knew that Carol would soon arrive but was powerless to warn her of the evil awaiting!

Carol was confused when she found the door open, even more so when she heard strange muffled sounds coming from Celeste's bedroom. But the confusion ended when stark reality confronted her and oppressed her slender body with rope! Gagged with a red bandanna, Carol sat trembling on a coffee table while the couple who'd taken over the house smirked at her discomfort. Their contemptuous attitude energized Carol, whose meek demeanor disappeared as she kicked up her legs. An addition to her ropework, however, folded the barefoot girl's legs close to her body and reminded Carol that she had become a pawn in the housemates' game!

Carol's misery rose to a new level after she was stripped to her bra and panties, then roped to a wooden chair. Released from her bondage, Celeste stood next to her friend while her ex- housemates arrogantly revealed their plan to rob a local bank -- after all, Carol and Celeste weren't going to be calling the cops anytime soon! With several hours to fill, the larcenous couple decided to entertain themselves at the innocent girls' expense; clad in nothing but her panties, Celeste was chair-tied next to Carol, whose breasts were also bared. The two friends murmured to each other through their cleave-gags and writhed apprehensively to the amusement of the vile thieves! When the bound girls tried to edge closer, the chairs were turned so they faced each other and their ankles were tethered in place.

The diabolical pair arranged an even nastier bondage tableau at the expense of Celeste, who stood naked and gagged with duct-tape before a cabinet to which she was hitched by an overhead rope. Carol had been freed, then ordered to fondle her friend's soft little body; while Celeste whimpered, the intimidated Carol reluctantly did as directed, first cupping her breasts before tweaking her nipples! Her role as the housemates' instrument completed, Carol stood naked, bound and gagged next to Celeste; still more humiliation followed when they were ordered to press their breasts together!

Their nude bodies still controlled with rope and their lips still sealed with unforgiving tape, Celeste and Carol sat on the floor in front of the cabinet, their cross-ankled legs first stretched out before them, then folded at their knees. But as the time arrived for the awful housemates to complete their audacious scheme, they opted for a more rigorous climax to their domination of the powerless girls. Heading out the door while dreaming of ill-gotten wealth, they glimpsed Carol and Celeste arching desperately on their stomachs in cross-ankled hogties! 

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