Charlotte's Bondage Melody

Release Date: Jun.04.2018
Running Time: 0:45:49
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Melody Wylde

In a dreamlike state, Melody Wylde approached the forbidding, fortress-like building, then hesitantly entered it. As she walked inside, the dark- haired amateur detective was bombarded with ghostly voices foretelling "Bondage for Melody", a promise that was swiftly fulfilled! Lightly-clad in tank top, shorts and sneakers, Melody sat bound and ball-gagged on an antique lounge; the ropes around her wrists and ankles held her securely as the voices gloated at her helplessness. They found even more to enjoy once Melody's little body was folded into a hogtie, a position that compelled her to arch in desperation!

It was a relief for Melody to be released from the hogtie but she was far from free -- instead she was trussed-up in her pink bra and panties, then tethered to a chair. A knotted black cleave replaced the ball-gag, while her sneakers had vanished so Melody tapped the floor with ankle-socked feet. Melody murmured in frustration after vigorous struggling failed to loosen her ropework but an apparition nearly silenced her completely. A gorgeous blonde spirit named Charlotte Stokely loomed over the bound girl, stroked her hair and teased her nipples before Melody's provocative bondage dream came to an end!

Melody and Charlotte's ropework romance was just beginning, however, because the perky little brunette morphed into a cheerleader visited in the locker-room by her most ardent admirer, Miss Stokely! Before they could act on their mutual affection, though, a crooked character searching for a package left in one of the lockers separated them with rope. Bound facing each other on opposite ends of a wooden bench and mouthing knotted cleaves, the enticing pair's mobility was limited by rope-links hobbling their ankles to the bench's legs. Melody's red-white-and-blue cheer uniform and sneakers contrasted with Charlotte's flowery dress and gleaming heels as they strained anxiously; their anxiety grew after breasts were bared by the sleazy intruder but when Charlotte lowered her head onto Melody's chest, it was clear that she was more aroused than imperiled!

Who's that cuddling naked in the four-poster bed? Why, Melody and Charlotte, of course! But if the giddy couple believed that they'd finally escaped the constraints of bondage, they were about to be severely disappointed. Surprised by Charlotte's bitter ex-girlfriend, their nude bodies were oppressed by knotted ropes that easily resisted their contortions on the bedsheets that were accompanied by the intruder's invective. Later tethered on their stomachs to the bed's metal headframe, Melody and Charlotte twisted frantically, then squealed behind their microfoam gags when the vengeful woman unveiled a final nasty twist to their humiliation!

Disturbed by the bondage that played such an unavoidable role in their relationship, Melody sadly bid Charlotte farewell. Attempting to forget the painful breakup, the lovely blonde turned to modeling in vintage lingerie but ropes and gags followed her into this new vocation. Trapped by a devious photographer, Charlotte struggled indignantly on the lounge where she'd posed alluringly, her black bra and panties mastered by coils of white rope and her lips spread by a black cleave. The creepy shutterbug snapped away enthusiastically while Charlotte kicked up her seam-stockinged legs and snarled at him through her gag; as time passed, she submitted to his control...or did she? 

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