Grab And Bind Of Emily Willis

Release Date: Jun.04.2018
Running Time: 0:42:43
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Emily Willis

Napping peacefully on her bed, enticing Emily Willis experienced disorientation with a capital D after she was awakened by a stranger carrying duct-tape! In a few chaotic moments, he utilized the tape to bind Emily's crossed wrists behind her back, secure her knees and ankles, and seal her lips. Barefoot and clad only in a tight tank-top and shorts, Emily rolled about on the bed as she attempted unsuccessfully to free herself from her sticky bonds; before long she'd be released from the tape but her restrictive ordeal was just beginning.

Emily's eyes were wide above her white tape-gag, her apprehension resulting from white ropes tautly coiled around her naked body. Seated on the floor of her bedroom, Emily strained restlessly against her bonds, first curling up on her hip before she decided that her only slight chance for escape was to wriggle out of the room. So she edged carefully along the wooden floor, freezing momentarily when she was surprised by the sight of her bound and gagged body in the wardrobe mirror. After she emerged from the bedroom, Emily's painstaking journey came to an abrupt end when she was caught by the intruder.

The unpredictable man presented Emily with a different challenge, first permitting her to put on a short pink dress and sandals, then leaving her pinned to an office chair with a white cloth tied between her lips. Inspired by the sight of the lovely young woman rotating the office chair in frustration, Emily's tormentor augmented the ropework into an even more weblike restraint.

"Stand up for yourself, Emily" -- those words of encouragement echoed ironically in her ears as she stood balancing in rope-oppressed isolation. Her snug golden dress stood out against the blue curtains that prevented any possibility of visual intrusion on Emily's writhing against the rope suspended from a metal bar above her head. When the dress was raised to reveal red panties to which a crotch-rope was quickly attached, Emily's dark eyes flashed and she murmured indignantly behind her microfoam gag!

Back where she started but in a much different mental and physical place than when she lay down for a nap, Emily sat on her bed naked and tightly bound. Her pride wouldn't allow Emily to submit meekly to this man she despised so she defied him by wriggling to the edge of the bed. But he had a trump card to play in the form of a hogtie that folded Emily's slender legs so that her bare soles flexed close to her tied wrists; looking up at him as she arched with her last reserves of energy, Emily's gag-muffled words conveyed her contempt! 

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