Pretty Girls in Trussed-Up Trouble

Release Date: Apr.30.2018
Running Time: 0:47:18
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jayde Symz, Eliza Ibarra, Emma Hix, Charlotte Stokely, Summer Brooks

Sexy students Jayde Symz and Eliza Ibarra weren't happy about testifying against a lawless woman but they were prepared to do their duty -- until she showed up with attitude adjustment in mind! Jayde was the first to fall into the disturbed defendant's clutches, sitting tightly bound in her grey jacket, plaid skirt and sneakers, her eyes wide behind scholarly spectacles and lips sealed with duct-tape! But tall and slender Eliza soon joined her on the couch, clad in a frilly top, denim skirts and sneakers, also secured with rope and tape-gagged. The aggressive intruder made a simple proposition: Forget about the testimony and I'll go away. When the courageous girls refused, she doubled down on her crazed scheme by baring their breasts and feet; her glasses gone and hair flowing, Jayde strained against her bonds and rolled onto the floor while Eliza struggled on the couch!

When Jayde and Eliza remained defiant, their tormentor raised the stakes again by removing their clothes; facing each other as they sat on the couch, nude bodies secured with rope and voices silenced by duct-tape, they listened anxiously while she exhorted them to do the smart thing and forget they ever met her! But the bound and gagged friends shook their heads in refusal and when she was briefly distracted, they made desperate attempts to free themselves by turning back-to- back. After they were discovered, the angry woman lost patience and retaliated with hogties; Eliza's long- legged body was bowed on the couch while Jayde arched with amazing energy on the hardwood floor as the one-sided contest moved toward its conclusion!

Emma Hix was in deep trouble after she was tied down on a massage- table in tight denim shorts and crop-top. The hooded attendant in charge silenced Emma's complaints by stuffing cloth in her mouth and completing her gag with duct- tape, then testing her sensitive bare soles with his fingertips! After baring the petite blonde's breasts and tweaking her nipples, he returned to Emma's feet for some rubber-band- snapping mischief. Emma's strange massage-table experience concluded when her shorts were pulled down and ankles tied to her thighs; the result was pussy exposure and wriggling feet even more vulnerable to tickling!

A bed should be a place for rest or erotic recreation, but for Summer Brooks and Charlotte Stokely it became the location for struggling in bondage! Charlotte's glistening gold nighty was coiled with white rope, while Summer's frilly white nighty was snugly embraced by black rope; both were gagged with shining black tape. Struggling, rolling around on the bed and kicking up their bare feet, Charlotte and Summer resisted their restraint with admirable vigor until hogties curbed their mobility!

Skimpily clad in a dark purple robe, slender blonde Emma Hix knelt on a bright red sheet with a shiny red ball-gag in her mouth but it was the white rope tightened around her body that prevented Emma from escaping her plight! Sweet Emma was embarrassed by her drooling and the exposure of her breasts but it wasn't until she was hogtied and rolling around on the bed that this heroine realized just how helpless she was! 

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