Charlotte's Damsels In Distress Club

Release Date: Jul.31.2017
Running Time: 0:49:3
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Alexis Taylor, Riley Anne, Ayumi Anime, Phoebe Queen, Kennedy Kressler

Seductive blonde Charlotte Stokely can't escape the embrace of rope and neither can her sisters in bondage!

Charlotte can't stay out of bondage, especially when she's confronted by voluptuous villainess Alexis Taylor, who methodically binds the squirming heroine's wrists and ankles after tossing her facedown on her own bed! Barefoot, tape-gagged and clad in a multi-colored dress, Charlotte briefly follows Alexis' order to stay quiet, but before long she's using her toes to tug at the window curtain. Her short-tempered visitor reacts with decisive hostility to Charlotte's ingenuity by hogtying her, then leaving the hapless beauty to arch in futility!

Riley Anne is a delicate, blue-eyed blonde sprite while Ayumi Anime is an exotic, dark- eyed beauty but they're trapped in restraint that's nearly identical! Both naked and bound with rope that highlights the appeal of their stiff-nippled breasts, Riley and Ayumi sit next to each other on a couch and murmur nervously behind their tape- gags. Unable to loosen the ropes applied by menacing intruders, the powerless girls curl up on the couch and huddle together!

From the look on the slumbering Phoebe Queen's face, she may have been enjoying a pleasant dream, but there's no doubt that she awakens to a nightmare! Her petite nighty-clad body pinned against the bedpost with coils of black rope and her lips sealed with duct-tape, barefoot Phoebe twists anxiously as her plight unfolds. After her breasts are bared and her pussy exposed, the bound and gagged innocent hopes that her situation won't deteriorate any further -- sorry, Phoebe, there's a hogtie in your future!

Tiny blonde Kennedy Kressler finds herself in a precarious situation, her pink flesh mastered by black rope and her lips spread by another black coil! Standing hidden in the corner of a bathroom, the feisty nude won't give up without a struggle, so she turns carefully on her bare feet and tries to call for help through a nearby window. Kennedy only succeeds, however, in alerting the intruders responsible for her plight, so to prevent future defiant episodes she's seated on the floor with her ankles tied around the leg of the bathroom sink!

Charlotte looks bewitching in a tight black dress and spike-heeled black pumps but she won't be wearing them for long! Ordered to strip, then tied and cleave-gagged, Charlotte sits on the floor in equally alluring black bra and panties. Meek and intimidated at first, barefoot Charlotte soon begins to writhe in her ropes and call for help, but instead of being rescued, her breasts are exposed and she's tethered on her knees to a nearby futon's metal frame! 

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