Three Bound & Gagged Blondes & One Struggling Brun

Release Date: Mar.16.2020
Running Time: 0:55:35
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Melody Marks, Emma Starletto, Savannah Sixx, Bunny Colby

Emma Starletto's long blonde hair flew back and forth while she twisted on the wooden chair to which she'd been secured by a substantial supply of rope. The bright red ball-gag lodged between Emma's lips made a striking contrast with the light-blue dress that clung to her body almost as tightly as that rope web. Before long, the dress was rearranged to reveal her rope-framed breasts, an alteration that energized barefoot Emma's futile resistance. 

Just another day at the office for Melody Marks -- bound, gagged and blindfolded after her antique roll-top desk was ransacked. Melody managed to rid herself of the blindfold but her curvaceous body was still controlled by black rope that pinned her to a wooden chair and her lips were sealed with black tape. As she squirmed on the chair, the helpless girl slipped her stockinged feet from white pumps, then was shocked when her blouse was opened to expose a pair of alluring breasts.

Bunny Colby hated the idea of being a bound and gagged pawn but she had no choice but to accept the distasteful reality as she sat in bondage against her bed's headboard. The curvaceous secretary's ordeal became more alarming after her blouse was unbuttoned to expose a pair of substantial breasts; she rolled around back and forth on the bed during her spirited efforts to escape the restrictive ropework. Then Bunny was frozen in place by a link between her waist and ankles that left the nervous girl folded on her hip and flexing her stockinged feet.

A job interview veered wildly off-course for Savannah Sixx when the lovely applicant was tied and gagged after a fugitive appeared at the office. Seated on a couch, Savannah struggled against the ropes tightened around her silky red blouse and stocking-clad legs while murmuring in disbelief through the thick black cloth spreading her lips. When she believed there was an opportunity to escape, Savannah slipped off her shoes and tried to hop away; once her flight was thwarted, she was left bare-breasted on the floor, where she writhed on her side, still confined by the rigidly-knotted bonds. 

Melody was curled up comfortably under a blanket in red plaid pajamas when her reverie was disturbed by duct-tape that pinned her legs together, bound her wrists behind her and muffled her voice. Melody's wide eyes expressed her anxiety as she strained against the tape-bondage she had no chance of escaping. After several more coils of tape were wrapped around her chest and her naked breasts emerged, Melody rolled around on the bed until she lay wriggling on her stomach and raising her bare feet in the air.

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