The Anti-Hooky Initiative

Release Date: May.13.2019
Running Time: 0:46:41
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Harmony Wonder, Natalie Knight

When Harmony Wonder and Natalie Knight decided to cut class, they couldn't foresee how stringent the legal response would be. Tiny blonde Natalie was the first to discover the consequences when the enforcement officer surprised her, then bound her wrists and ankles with duct-tape before gagging her with cloth-stuffing and several more strips of tape. Lifting Natalie into his arms, the truant's nightmare carried her into the next room, where Harmony sat in stunned disbelief. The bespectacled brunette received her own dose of tape bondage, then she and Natalie sat side-by-side on a couch, feebly testing their bonds and wishing they were back in their boring classroom.

To their dismay, it soon became clear to Natalie and Harmony that the punitive process was still in it early stages. After they were stripped of their stylish outfits, the naked pair sat next to each other against a wall, their small bodies oppressed by rope from chest to ankles and their voices stifled by white cleave-gags. Still shocked by the day's bizarre direction, Harmony and Natalie devoted all their strength to loosening the defiant knots, stretching out their legs, plucking at each other's wrist bonds and edging their bare feet and bottoms carefully along the cold hardwood floor, but escape was not in the cards for the two remorseful scholars.

A truly immobilizing timeout followed for the bare-skinned truants, who were roped shoulder-to-shoulder with their backs against a square concrete post. Gagged with microfoam tape, Harmony and Natalie battled with dwindling hope against the rope web controlling their arms and legs and raised up on small bare feet pinned to the post. Although they were more than adequately restrained, a taut coil callously added around their waists intensified their captivity.

The officer generously allowed the subjects of his investigation to clothe their nudity but the bondage lessons continued after they were seated on the back of a space-age couch with their ankles linked to its bottom rail. Gagged with duct-tape, Natalie and Harmony squirmed upright in their mini- dresses until their ankle-tethers were moved higher so that they could be laid back onto the couch. There the bound couple twisted awkwardly and arched bare feet that were trapped above the couch's back.

Their disciplinary process was almost concluded but Natalie and Harmony would have to grovel on the floor before they entirely expiated their selfish behavior. Lying tape-gagged on their stomachs, with ankles hitched to the metal foot-rail of a minibar, the sad students arched with energy they would have preferred to expend on the beach. It was a wooden floor, however, where Harmony and Natalie's recreation occurred, physical exertions that peaked after they were hogtied so that wide-eyed expressions and curved bare soles were the most striking images the officer observed before his departure. 

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