Startling Bondage Misadventures

Release Date: Nov.27.2017
Running Time: 0:44:51
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Jennifer Jacobs, Riley Star

Riley Star and Jennifer Jacobs were two talented young public- relations consultants working on assignment for Mr. Smith. When Jennifer and Riley were visited by hostile former associates of Smith who demanded information about his current projects, they refused to discuss their client's activities. Unwilling to take no for an answer, the unscrupulous operatives tied and tape- gagged bespectacled blonde Riley and left her to struggle on a couch in her dress and heels while they interrogated Jennifer. When she still denied her assistance, dark-haired and defiant Jennifer writhed alone in bondage on the couch, kicking the sandals from her bare feet, as Riley took her place on the hot spot!

Frustrated by their inability to extract the information they wanted from their captives, the determined intruders searched the house after assuring that the young women would be unable to interfere. After Riley and Jennifer were stripped to bra and panties, they sat at opposite ends of the couch, gagged with duct-tape and snared in ropework that limited their mobility to desperate contortions! Murmuring to each other, the bound pair rolled around until they sat back-to-back with their bare feet lifted onto the arms of the couch, but failed to loosen the knots pinning their hands behind them!

Jennifer and Riley lost even their lingerie during the last stage of this nightmarish ordeal when they stood naked, bound and ball-gagged against the wall of their living room! Balancing carefully on their bare toes, the traumatized friends strained against their bonds under the eyes of a cynical operative who ordered them to turn until their breasts made contact. Once the menacing strangers departed, Riley and Jennifer slid onto the floor and sat next to each other, still trapped in the coils of rope that had dominated them for hours!

Her luxuriant blonde hair flowing, Alexa Grace smiled seductively while she knelt in her skimpy peach-colored bra and thong panties. A marvelous inspiration for any photographer, but this creative camera-jockey decided to add ropework, a decision to which his lovely model strongly objected! Alexa's opinion didn't count however and her objections were silenced with a ball-gag, then her indignant writhing was recorded by the obsessed shutterbug! After her breasts were exposed, Alexa sat straining against rope on the edge of the lounge where she'd posed so happily moments before, her bare toes pressed against the wooden floor; a different perspective on the lithe model was obtained once she was shifted onto her stomach and pinned to the lounge so that her soles and bottom rose into prominence!

Adorably alluring in her pink sleeveless top, short denim shorts and sandals, Scarlett Sage had the bad luck to catch the attention of an evildoer with duct tape, who used it to bind and gag the petite witness to his nefarious activity! Seated on a couch with her wrists secured behind her, ankles and knees pinned together and lips sealed, Scarlett unsuccessfully resisted her tape bonds, then curled up after her breasts and feet were bared! Scarlett's unfortunate encounter ended as she lay squirming on her stomach and kicking up her feet in the air.

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