The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Psychotic R

Release Date: Nov.27.2017
Running Time: 0:42:6
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning

Holly Manning tried to support her friend Alexis Taylor against a husband with very little except bondage on his mind. As a result, she joined Alexis as a bound and gagged prisoner of the disturbed man, but was finally rescued and watched in relief as he was carted off to jail! Don't get too comfortable, Holly, because he's out of jail and out for revenge, which he initiates by seizing his courageous enemy; hands cuffed behind her back, gagged and blindfolded with duct tape, Holly's marched along a remote country road and into a house prepared for his sinister plot. After she's seated in a chair, the vindictive man coils tape around the ankles and knees of her tight jeans, then removes the blindfold and revels in his control of the powerless Holly before leaving her to struggle! Although Holly's able to rise to her feet and balance on her sandals while hopping toward the door, her feeble escape attempt ends when she rolls onto a nearby couch.

Just in case Holly's getting too comfortable lying restrained on the couch, the vendetta continues outdoors. Now cleave-gagged and with her sleeveless orange top coiled by rope, Holly's led along a narrow dirt path overgrown with vegetation until she and her captor reach a clearing. There a stunned Holly's pinned to a wooden post by ropes encircling her ankles, knees, thighs and waist, with a tether from the back of her chest bonds for good measure! Towering over his gagged and bound prey, the angry man once again exults in his payback for Holly's interference, then watches in satisfaction while she writhes in his restrictive ropework.

The hidden property obtained by Holly's nemesis offers numerous venues to highlight his domination of this innocent woman. Standing on the balcony of a small rural structure, the beleaguered beauty twists back and forth in a time-honored restraint that raises her hands above her head and holds them in place with a rope-link to a wooden beam. Eyes wide above her duct-tape gag, barefoot Holly rises on her toes in desperate efforts to free herself from an oppressor who's becoming more and more unbalanced! Then Holly's seething enemy utilizes another aspect of the abandoned rural property to humiliate the woman he believes responsible for all his misfortunes. So, while the vengeful audience of one admires her contortions, stylish urbanite Holly sits ruthlessly trussed and tape-gagged on bales of hay and strains against the ropework overpowering her curvaceous body! Her pedicured bare toes pressing uncomfortably against dirt and straw, Holly murmurs apprehensively behind her gag while waiting for the madman's next move.

Time for a bad man to celebrate his triumph over a good woman, so after Holly's moved to the floor of a stall where horses have been stabled, the very unstable character hauls out a bottle of spirits in a brown bag and proceeds on the road to intoxication! Despite her bondage, Holly fights back verbally against the drunken bully, who responds by wrapping duct-tape over her mouth and around the back of her neck. Intimidated but undefeated, Holly finally catches a break when the boozing villain falls into a stupor and a phone drops from his pants pocket! The spirited young woman eagerly maneuvers her bound body until her bare feet are close to the phone, then uses her toes to call for help! Holly's been through a harrowing ordeal, but she's about to get the last laugh when her oppressor heads off for a long residence in the grey-bar hotel!

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