Surprised! Subdued! Silenced!

Release Date: Jun.26.2017
Running Time: 0:45:5
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Janet Bradley, Sara Brown, Kennedy Kressler, Chloe Scott, Janna Hicks, Maya Kendrick

Sweet little Kennedy Kressler falls into the clutches of a scary character who ties her standing to his stair-railing in her short white dress and flats! Gagged with a knotted white cloth, Kennedy strains uneasily against restrictive ropework during a predicament that escalates as her breasts are exposed, a crotch-rope's added over her panties, and her shoes are removed to reveal a pair of tiny bare feet!

Dressed for bed in a see-through chemise and panties, tall and toned Chloe Scott conveys a compelling innocence while she sits roped to a wooden chair! Chloe's mobility is restricted by a coil around her waist and a tether to the back of the chair, so she can only twist apprehensively and balance her pink-toed bare feet on a carpet! Her eyes wide above a white tape-gag, Chloe whimpers in alarm after her breasts are bared and her legs raised on a second chair to reveal her vulnerable soles!

A warm-weather get-together ends in bewildering restraint for gal- pals Janet Bradley and Sara Brown, who never expected this kind of trouble in their upscale neighborhood! Sara and Janet are alluringly garbed in tight skirts and tops, but it's rope that dominates their slender bodies by pinning them back-to-back as they stand against a concrete post set in a wooden sundeck. Gagged with white tape, the lovely brunettes murmur softly to each other as their wrists futilely challenge taut rope-cuffs and their bare feet shift in search of stability! 

Naughty MILF Janna Hicks is curled up on her bed waiting for her lover to arrive when she's stunned by the appearance of a different visitor -- her boyfriend's wife! Trussed up in her lingerie, Janna stands nervously in the corner, a knotted cleave between her lips, while the angry woman berates her. Humiliation ensues for Janna when her bra and panties are yanked down to expose breasts and pussy; satisfied by the message she's sent, the scorned wife leaves her rival squirming on the floor, bare feet tethered close to her hip! 

Bright-eyed Maya Kendrick has a cautionary tale to tell about an apparently harmless woman who follows her home, then steals the expensive gifts she's bought as well as her dress and sandals! That's why lively Maya finds herself sitting tied and cleave-gagged on a couch in her frilly pink bra and panties; when the larcenous lady tires of her pretty prey's indignant struggling, she arranges Maya on her stomach in a hogtie, then watches a pair of pink bare feet flailing in the air!

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