Scarlett Sage: Journalist Interrupted

Release Date: Jan.01.2018
Running Time: 0:48:31
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Scarlett Sage

Zealous investigative reporter Scarlett Sage was putting the finishing touches on an explosive article when its subject called to threaten her. Scarlett refused to back down but her defiance evaporated when a disguised stranger surprised her, then proceeded to subdue the struggling young woman by coiling rope around her small body! Her protests muffled by a knotted cloth tied between her lips, Scarlett writhed in bondage on the floor until she was carried away by the hooded figure!

Scarlett's ordeal continued after she was placed in the open trunk of the car that would take her to an unwelcome destination. With her bare feet propped on the edge of the trunk, the bound and gagged journalist made her first tantalizing acquaintance with the fingers of the tickle-crazed stranger! Scarlett's breasts were bared as the next step in the intimidation process, then she was allowed to struggle apprehensively until the trunk was closed!

Stripped naked and hitched to a wooden chair, Scarlett trembled as the hooded menace roughly demanded the names of sources she'd used for her article but she protected their identities with her silence. Frustrated by her resistance, he gagged the courageous journalist with duct-tape and gave her time to consider the seriousness of her plight. Then, as a reminder of how her interrogation could develop, he again applied his fingertips firmly against her bare soles!

Scarlett knew that the article she intended to publish would be controversial and that the academic she accused of fraud would be a powerful enemy, but she never imagined that her zeal to uncover the truth would be met with such ruthless opposition. Her nude body more tightly oppressed with rope than before, Scarlett stood linked to an overhead chain and mouthed a ball-gag as drool dripped down her chin and onto her breasts! Still unwilling to relinquish the names of her sources, she was crotch-roped, then arranged kneeling on a platform where the vicious interrogator took the opportunity to tickle her vulnerable soles!

She'd never encountered a massage table before and Scarlett certainly didn't expect her first experience would require her to be pinned down on her back by a cunning web of rope! Once again, the obsessive tickler tantalized her soles, but when Scarlett refused to surrender the information he wanted, the powerless reporter's bondage was transformed to a hogtie! Tape-gagged Scarlett wriggled on her stomach and squealed while tireless fingers continued to torment her, fingers that turned claw-like and caused the bound girl's eyes to widen in disbelief!

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