Christiana And Ivy's Workplace Woes

Release Date: Jan.01.2018
Running Time: 0:47:24
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Christiana Cinn, Ivy Wolfe, Tara Ashley, Khloe Kapri

It was closing time at the bar, so barmaid Christiana Cinn and waitress Ivy Wolfe were trying to get the last customer out onto the street. But the surly character didn't like taking orders from pretty girls, so he struck back by holding Christiana and Ivy in bondage! As they sat on opposite sides of a wooden booth, the bound girls were powerless to prevent the brute from stuffing cloth in their mouths and finishing the gag with duct-tape! Straining against unforgiving ropework, bespectacled Christiana slipped out of her heels and tried to free Ivy's ankle bonds with her bare toes; when that effort failed, the feisty little barmaid slipped onto the floor and began to wriggle across the floor. Ivy soon joined her friend and together they edged to a door -- but their hard-drinking nemesis was far from through with these two innocent women!

Tara Ashley's red ball-gag matched her red bra and panties, although it wasn't a fashion choice that the willowy MILF made of her own accord! The lip- spreading gag arrived with the white ropesthat controlled her slender body and tethered her to the sofa where she sat. Tara did her best to wriggle free but her predicament only became more arduous after herbreasts were bared and she knelt against the couch's arm, nearly immobilized by a rope linking her wrists and ankles!

It's difficult to imagine a more innocent damsel-in-distress than blue- eyed blonde Khloe Kapri. Sweetly alluring in a shiny gold and pink nighty, Khloe stood ball-gagged and bound with tan rope that linked her to a chain overhead. Trapped in a disturbing situation beyond her control, the petite girl balanced on bare feet and gazed apprehensively around her as drool seeped from her ball- gagged lips! The domination of Khloe proceeded implacably as her breasts were exposed and a crotch-rope tightened against her white thong panties; it reached a symbolic climax with the innocent subject kneeling on a square platform, her bare soles beckoning as temptingly as her nipples!

Dressed in jeans and tight tops, Christiana and Ivy were taken for a walk outdoors but since their hands were tied behind them and their lips sealed with duct-tape, it was not a pleasant excursion! And when the cruel man led them to a wooden deck high above the landscape, their clothes disappeared before they were tethered to the iron railing! Shivering as they stood naked, bound and gagged, Ivy and Christiana struggled with the passionate desire to free themselves, but the webs of rope oppressing their bodies were not to be escaped!

Their nude bodies still subdued by rope and their voices still muffled by tape, Christiana and Ivy huddled together on a bed and engaged in vigorous but futile defiance of unyielding knots! Their restrictive ordeal ended with the bound hands and bare soles of the two unfortunate employees in enforced proximity as they arched side-by-side in hogties!

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