The Re-education Of Jenna Sativa

Release Date: May.22.2017
Running Time: 0:31:18
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Jenna Sativa

Junior exec Jenna Sativa looks like a cute little lightweight in her colorful blouse, short skirt and heels, but she demands to be taken seriously when she confronts her boss. Jenna's discovered questionable practices at her company and threatens to alert the authorities if they're not curtailed. The only changes the ruthless woman in charge intends to make, however, concern Jenna's whistleblowing tendencies, so she summons a hooded enforcer to seize her shocked employee while she tapes her mouth! Then as the gagged Jenna struggles in disbelief, the dark intruder ties her hands behind her back before coiling rope around her chest! After seating her on a couch and binding her ankles, the thug tosses Jenna onto her stomach; when she remains defiant, he pulls off her shoes and tickles her bare soles, then hogties her! Jenna's warned that if she doesn't surrender the incriminating data that she's hidden, her situation will deteriorate rapidly. 

Jenna's a tough cookie, so she refuses to resist her vicious employer's demands even after she's been stripped to her bra and panties and sits bound on a dining table. Because she won't co-operate, the dark henchman stuffs Jenna's mouth with cloth, then gags her with black tape; left to reconsider her decision, the apprehensive exec twists uncomfortably, stretches out her legs and curls up on her hip! When her legs are roped close to her chest, Jenna's mobility is diminished even further and she's alarmed when the heartless man tilts her backward so that her bare feet rise in the air!

Her small naked body trapped in a taut rope network, Jenna stands trembling but remains resolute in her resistance so she's treated to a ball-gag that quickly elicits a flow of drool! As the moments pass and Jenna rotates awkwardly like a nude bondage puppet, her sense of powerless vulnerability finally overwhelms her courageous intentions! After Jenna signals her surrender by whimpering loudly, the gag's removed and she reveals the location of her secret stash! Mollified by Jenna's submission, her boss's cold heart warms sufficiently to allow her release -- as long as this drastic re-education continues to guide her behavior!

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