Tape Bound, Volume 26

Release Date: May.22.2017
Running Time: 0:49:0
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Dolly Leigh, Megan Sage, Indica James, Celeste Star, Valentina Nappi

Carefully placed coils of microfoam tape turn Dolly Leigh into a luscious pink- fleshed package seated in wide-eyed restraint on the edge of a bed! Bare breasts thrusting between swathes of tape, Dolly strains indignantly, then rolls onto the bed where her allure only grows as she contorts her beautiful body and her red-nailed bare feet contrast with the stark white mattress! 

Raven-haired starlet Megan Sage has gotten herself into big trouble, which explains why she's naked and subdued by an extensive array of microfoam tape! Megan's breasts peek provocatively between tape coils as she sits twisting on the edge of a couch and whimpering behind her gag, but when she rolls onto her stomach and kicks up her bare feet, it's her round bottom and shapely soles that become the prime attractions! 

These sexy superheroine impersonators just never learn -- case in point is Indica James, who would look formidable in her sleeveless blue thong-top, sheer white leggings and white ankle boots if it weren't for the duct-tape circling her chest, arms and legs! Also tape-gagged, Indica sits struggling on the edge of a bed and expresses her contempt for the evildoers holding her with her flashing eyes. But the humiliation's just beginning for Indica, who writhes bare-breasted on the bed after her top's ripped open and her boots are removed! 

Duct-tape's the answer to secretary Celeste Star's bold attempt to blackmail her boss! Secured and gagged in her blouse and skirt by the sticky coils, an understandably worried Celeste sits on the edge of a couch and strains ineffectually. When she's momentarily left alone, Celeste kicks off her heels, stands up and considers hopping away in her stockinged feet. Before she can act, however, she's thwarted and ordered to sit back on the couch; after her blouse is torn open and her breasts bared, Celeste squirms in desperation and bitterly regrets her debut in extortion! 

Hot little brunette Valentina Nappi's trapped in her bedroom, then struggles pajama-clad on her bed in duct-tape bondage! Spunky Valentina wriggles across the bed and attempts to open the window curtains with her bare toes, but when she's caught her tight top's sliced open to expose her breasts! Valentina expresses her indignation at this development with gag-muffled squeals, then rolls around in powerless frustration on the bed.

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