Grab and Bind: Jenni Czech and Edanya

Release Date: Oct.03.2019
Running Time: 1:08:50
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Jenni Czech, Edanya


Jenni's ordeal began shortly after her boyfriend, a brilliant computer tech, left on an overnight trip to troubleshoot for a wealthy client. As she surfed idly on her desktop, Jenni was seized by rough hands that swiftly pinioned her wrists and silenced her with cloth tied between her lips! Her masked captor augmented the bondage, then threw Jenni onto a futon and roped her to the frame. While Jenni struggled fearfully, the man menacingly informed her that he had business with her boyfriend when he returned; until then, he and Jenni would wait together!


Waiting together for Jenni meant spending the night on her bed in nothing but her panties, frogtied and tape-gagged, while the thug slept comfortably on a couch! When the morning came and her boyfriend's arrival was imminent, an exhausted Jenni, now naked, was marched downstairs and tightly tied to the staircase railing! A ringing cell-phone alerted both Jenni and her tormentor that her man was trying to get in touch; pulling the cloth gag from Jenni's mouth, he allowed her to speak briefly to her boyfriend before ordering him to return to the house and bring the data he'd compiled from his clent's computer!


Jenni shivered as she sat naked on the wooden floor, tape-gagged and bound to a leg of the dining table! Fear surged as she fought back tears and prayed that her mysterious captor would soon be gone! When her boyfriend finally rushed into the house, he was stunned to see the helpless Jenni being menaced by a masked figure! Responding immediately to the thug's barked orders to surrender the drives that he had brought back with him, he watched as the the man slid out the door, then turned to Jenni and began to release her from her bonds! The worst was over, but Jenni would long remember the feel of ropes tightly restraining her naked flesh!



Edanya's a successful businesswoman now, but her career's founded on dirty money left in her keeping by an imprisoned thief! When he returns and demands that Edanya return the money, she's in for a terrifying day of bondage and torment!


Seized as she prepares to begin her workday, Edanya's ruthlessly duct- taped in her jacket and slacks; her mouth is stuffed with cloth and her lips sealed with more tape! When Edanya refuses to surrender any of her former partner's money, the enraged ex-con determines to break her will and make her talk!


He begins with psychological warfare: Edanya's stripped to her panties, roped to the metal frame of her bed, cleave-gagged and blindfolded! The sadistic thief warns Edanya that, in her defenseless and blindfolded state, anything could happen at any time, yet the strong-willed young woman refuses to crack!


Ratcheting up the pressure, the determined criminal places Edanya on her bed in a cross-ankled hogtie and tickles her bare soles! The bare- breasted girl squeals and wriggles but still resists giving up her secret, so he tape-gags her and leaves her to struggle!


Furious at her resistance, the greedy crook ties Edanya's wrists to a wooden bar thrust between her elbows and back, then binds her ankles to a wooden spreader! Once she's ball-gagged and her legs yanked above her head by another rope, the ruthless interrogator bastinadoes Edanya's sensitive soles with a thin wooden rod! Her reserves of courage finally depleted, Edanya cracks and reveals the location of her safety deposit box holding the ill-gotten cash!


Before he leaves to retrieve his money, the gleeful thief places Edanya on the edge of her bathtub, cruelly restrained at her ankles, knees, wrists and chest by plastic ties; another tie secures the cloth that packs the helpless Edanya's mouth! Grateful that her tormentor has left, but immobilized as never before, the emotionally-drained Edanya can barely move or utter a sound! 


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