Grab and Bind: Amy Anderson

Release Date: Oct.31.2019
Running Time: 0:49:44
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Amy Anderson, Susan Ray

A flawed friendship fragments as dollars and deception lead to disaster for Amy Anderson!

"It really was like a dream until it turned into a nightmare! The first time I ever bought a lottery ticket and I won $20 million! I swore that I wouldn't do anything crazy with the money, and I did put most of it in the bank, but I couldn't resist buying a new house! And of course I wanted to help out my best friend Susan Ray, so I got her a new car and several other gifts! As I showed Susan through my wonderful new place, I felt like I was on top of the world -- that's when the nightmare began!

"I had left Susan alone for a few moments when a man and woman broke into the house and tied her up! When I returned to the living room, the woman seized me and started tying me as well while the man pushed Susan onto a couch and bound her on her stomach with her feet connected to the ropes around her body! Susan was wailing through a thick black cloth tied in her mouth; they gagged me the same way, then the woman pushed me onto the floor and tied my ankles to my wrists! They left us thrashing around while they went off through the house looking for cash and valuables! I knew they weren't going to find much, so I was afraid of what they would do to us when they came back!

"They untied us but wouldn't believe me when I told them that I didn't have a safe filled with money in the house! The man's face got real hard and then they shoved us into the dining room and made us take off our clothes, all except our panties! Susan and I had to sit side-by-side on a bench, where we were bound up again with our mouths taped. Then the old guy told me in a scary voice if I didn't tell him where the safe with the cash was, his partner would put the hurt on Susan! There was nothing I could say, so the sadistic witch used ice cubes on Susan's breasts; the man smirked at me while Susan shrieked and jerked around in her ropes. He said things would get a lot worse for her if I didn't tell the truth, then they left us alone so I could think things over. Susan and I murmured through our gags and tried to work at our ropes but it was hopeless; I began to feel dizzy and thought I might faint!

"When they returned, I felt sick, but then something happened that turned my world upside down! Susan started making noises so they took the tape off. Then she looked at me like I was her worst enemy and said that this plan wasn't working, that I wouldn't care what they did to her! Then she got this cold little smile on her face and told them to let her work on me, that she knew there was more cash in the house and that she'd get the information out of me for sure! I couldn't believe what was happening, but Susan ranted at me as they untied us -- she accused me of being cheap, buying her a crap car, lording it over her with the money I'd won through nothing more than dumb luck! This was a person I didn't recognize, so when they trussed me to the railing upstairs, taped my lips again and told Susan to do whatever it took, I felt more alone then ever before in my life! I was completely naked and helpless now and felt like crying as Susan squeezed my breasts and used the ice cubes on them like they did with her. But then the anger began to build -- I'd been a good friend to her; if she could do this to me for money, she'd never really been my friend! So I decided to take a chance, maybe the only one I had, and signaled to her that I was ready to talk!

"Once Susan Untied me, I stayed meek and quiet, told her that she was right and that I'd show her where the cash was. But when she turned her back, I hit her with a karate chop! If I hadn't been so angry at her, I would have been smart and headed right for my cel phone to call 911 and then gotten out of the house! But I wanted to pay her back so I tied Susan to the railing and put the tape on her mouth as she started to groan and regain consciousness! I tweaked her nipples like she'd done to me while she protested through the tape! I could hear the criminals off in the back of the house so I stayed with Susan longer than I should have -- then I ran! But I'd waited too long and the old bastard grabbed me!

"Susan and her slimy friends finally believed that I wasn't hiding any money in the house, but they weren't about to leave with a few pieces of jewelry so they forced me to write a check for $100,000 made out to Susan. She ran off to the bank while that rotten bitch tied me up one more time; she laughed when I begged her to let me put my clothes back on. When the bank called for verification, I had no choice but to tell them everything was fine and that they could cash the check for Susan! The sticky tape went back on my mouth and the creepy old man thanked me sarcastically for my generosity before they left. I strained feebly against the ropes but I was so exhausted that it took me over an hour to free myself. I still had the house and almost all the money I'd won, but those few hours took something away that I couldn't buy back!"

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