Modeling School Bondage Scandal

Release Date: Oct.17.2019
Running Time: 0:50:34
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Lena Shelby, Kiera Winters, Eden Wells

Lena Shelby and Kiera Winters learn hard lessons at the Eden Wells School Of Modeling!

Eden gets right to the point when Lena and Kiera ask why she's made them stay after the rest of the students have gone home: they're failing the class and in danger of being dropped from the course! But Eden suggests that some remedial exercises to improve their posture and movement may save them, so moments later, the bemused students are parading around the class-room bound and blindfolded! When Kiera and Lena tire of Eden's unconventional approach and begin to protest, she gags them with cleaves and informs them in a chilling voice that their re-education has just begun!

After stripping the girls to their birthday suits, Eden binds them separately: Lena's ball-tied on the desk and petite Kiera's trussed on top of a filing cabinet! Fashion-conscious Eden adds a stylish touch to her students' bondage by gagging them with pink tape, then sardonically informs them that she's roped them into these uncomfortable positions because their posing skills need drastic improvement! Poking and prodding the helpless girls with a stiff wooden yardstick, the harsh classroom mistress orders them to hold the poses that they might someday utilize during photo shoots! Once she's administered sufficient instruction, Eden tells her alarmed prisoners that she's going to phone a fashion industry connection who may want to check them out!

Desperate to escape their bizarre plight, Kiera yanks feverishly at her bonds and finally frees herself, then unties Lena; when Eden returns to the classroom, it's teacher's turn to learn a few lessons! Utilizing the ropes with surprising skill, the vengeful girls hogtie Eden on her desk, stuff her mouth with cloth and seal her lips with the pink tape she'd used on them! Lena and Kiera can't resist paying back their instructor's rough treatment by baring Eden's breasts and tweaking her nipples, then removing her shoes and tickling her stockinged feet! Shocked by the turn of events, Eden thrashes noisily on the desk while her former victims laugh at her discomfort; certain that they've seen the last of Eden, Kiera and Lena head out the door as the defeated woman continues to sputter in frustration!

But the angry girls have tarried too long because they're grabbed by the shady character Eden phoned! Returned to the clutches of the woman they humiliated, Lena and Kiera suffer more rigorous restraint and discipline when Eden binds them into lotus ties on top of the desk! Eyeing each other fearfully as they sit face-to-face and gagged with black cleaves, the naked captives whimper when their sadistic tormentor strokes their soft flesh with ice cubes, paying special attention to their breasts and bare feet! After she adds a dual chest rope to augment their immobility, Eden confers with her associate about the girls' future -- one that will take them far from the fashion centers they'd dreamed of!

The long journey that Eden's planned for her proteges, however, will be traveled by a threesome instead of a duo! The teacher's ripe blonde beauty's aroused her partner's treacherous instincts, so he forces her to strip and take her place with Kiera and Lena in naked vulnerability! While the bound students sit tape-gagged on the floor, Eden writhes in a lotus on the desk above them, the indignant prisoner of her untrustworthy companion! Finally, in order to supply a photo op for the ruthless moguls interested in his feminine merchandise, the man in charge groups his prey in an alluring trio of bound and gagged nudity on the desk, with Kiera and Lena on their hips flanking Eden! A long and exhausting day at the modeling school for all three women -- and a future none of them could have imagined even a few hours before!

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