Grab and Bind: Emily Addison

Release Date: Nov.07.2019
Running Time: 0:43:18
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Emily Addison, Nikki Nefarious

"I hate cheerleaders! Always so cute and perky, laughing and making fun of people who aren't as pretty and fortunate as they are -- people like me! And Emily Addison was the worst: she was the head cheerleader, the one who always led the others in playing cruel jokes and humiliating innocentvictims! She was the one who ruined my life by tricking me; she promised I could be a cheerleader too if I went through an initiation!

"I was so eager to be popular that I let her tie me to a chair and put a gag in my mouth -- it felt strange but Emily promised that she'd let me go after just a few minutes! But then that bitch started laughing at me, saying that a nerd like me could never be a cheerleader! I struggled as hard as I could, but the ropes were so tight -- and then Emily brought in the other cheerleaders and even some of the football players to laugh at me! I think I fainted because that's all I remember, but the memory was enough to keep me going until I could pay back Emily for what she put me through!

"I'd been watching her for months, hating her more and more! Emily had married a rich man, of course, and lived in a beautiful house -- but I was about to sweep through her beautiful life like a tornado! She'd just returned from some fancy society luncheon and was taking a nap when I grabbed her! Once I'd taped her mouth and tied her hands behind her back, I pulled off the mask I'd been wearing so she could see who was going to turn her day into an ordeal! Her eyes got really wide and she made some funny squealing sounds; it was great to see how frightened she was! Once I had Emily all trussed up, I pulled down the top of her breasts and gave them a squeeze just to let he know how much trouble she was in! Then I let her squirm around for awhile on her fancy couch while I got ready for some real fun!

"Big surprise -- Emily still had her old cheerleader costume! So, after I untied her and stripped off her dress, I made her put on the outfit -- but only the top! -- then took her outdoors and roped her to a tree! Naked from the waist down with her legs split like a good little cheerleader, Emily looked picture perfect, especially after I added the ballgag! So I leaned in close to her and snapped off some pictures with my cel phone while Emily moaned!

"Rich bitch Emily's fancy house was crammed with fancy furniture, so after I had enough fun with her outside, I brought her back in and tied her on top of some kind of leather platform! Naked of course, and kneeling with her legs roped underneath her body -- Emily pleaded with me while I bound her but I just laughed at her, then tied a scarf between her lips! Once Emily was helpless, I said that she looked a bit warm, so I applied bits of ice to her breasts as she wriggled and squealed! What a great feeling to turn high-and-mighty Miss Emily into my pathetic naked captive!

"My appetite for vengeance was still ravenous, so I threw Emily onto the floor near a couch and roped her up until she conveniently arranged underfoot! My feet deserved some relief on such a steamy day, and what better way to soothe them but on Emily's bare skin! She cursed me as I ran my sweaty soles over her soft body, then stuck my toes in her mouth when I got tired of her noise! I warned her to keep her teeth under control, but she sucked and licked like a good little slave -- what an awesome thrill to have my worst enemy humiliated and at my mercy! When I'd had enough fun, I taped her mouth and let her struggle while I roamed around her mansion!

"All good things must end but I wanted my day with Emily to have a great finale! I knew her husband would soon be home and decided to prepare a nice surprise for him! What a shock to find his perfect little wife nude and trussed in the kitchen like a sexy squab! And that's what she looked like after I roped her into a neat little package on the gleaming counter with a bright yellow ball strapped between those lying lips! I was hoping to do a little basting with Emily, or add some vegetables to vulnerable areas of her anatomy, but I heard a car turning into the driveway! When I took a closer look, I couldn't believe my luck -- Emily's husband had brough home some important- looking guests, probably business associates! When I ran back to tell Emily she moaned and turned white; greeting her guests bound, gagged and naked would not make the impression she'd hoped for! As I headed out the back, I directed a final chuckle at my cheerleading nemesis and warned her to keep an eye open at all times -- I might be back!"

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