Sample - IS152 Boot Bound Damsels in Peril

Release Date: May.01.2010
Running Time: 0:00:30
Category: Bondage Warehouse

Starring: Lenora Mazelle, Sabrina Hernandez, Lianne Nguyen, Molly Bronte & Ginger Higgins, Kylie Adams & Ophelia Keating

This video is for fans of damsels in boots, and storyline situations. It features 5 short stories starring 5 different ladies, plus a short vignette with 2 Imago favorites (so 7 girls all together!).


In the lead story, Lenora Mazelle likes to play practical jokes on her co-worker. But when she goes a bit too far, she finds out that payback can be a bitch! This story probably features the most "peril" one of our ladies has ever seen in a video, but don't worry, no models were harmed in the making of this video!


In the remaining stories, a variety of lovely boot-clad damsels find themselves in a range of situations:


  • Sabrina Hernandez is a pool shark who hustles the wrong guy
  • Lianne Nguyen loves to play pinball, but when she hogs one machine far too long, a rival pinball wizard takes exception.
  • Ginger Higgins likes too play her music loud - really loud. But when she refuses to turn it down, a neighbor knows just how to handle the bratty young lady.


The video is rounded out with a short vignette featuring Kylie Adams & Ophelia Keating.


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