IS-BW00127 Bound Social Butterfly

Release Date: Nov.21.2017
Running Time: 0:10:23
Category: Bondage Warehouse

Starring: Selene Silva
Selene returns home after a long night at the club and kicks off her heels, ready to relax. Unfortunately, she was followed home by the old creepy guy she rejected and he has revenge (and bondage!) on his mind. Securely binding her pantyhose-clad legs as well as wrists, Selene squirms in her tight, body conscious dress and sasses off to the intruder instead of screaming. He gets tired of her mouthiness and digs in a drawer, coming up with a supply of pantyhose with which to gag our lovely but bitchy young damsel. When he steps out for a minute to go find more rope, Selene hops off the bed and heads to the door, hopping down the hallway hoping to escape. Alas, her admirer catches her before she achieves the door and carries her back to her bed. This time, he ties her to the bed instead of leaving her to wiggle freely and departs, tired of her attitude. 

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