IS-BW00121 Duct Tape Mummification

Release Date: Sep.18.2017
Running Time: 0:10:6
Category: Bondage Warehouse

Starring: Mikayla James

Pretty redhead Mikayla James is dragged into a back room, bound in duct tape and begging for release. After being gagged with more tape, she is momentarily left unattended and immediately hops off the chaise and starts to bounce toward the door, showing off her white pantyhose and very short skirt. Her inability to do this silently, however, alerts her captor who returns to add enough more duct tape to qualify for a mummification. Mikayla continues to moan and protest through her gag but has very little ability to make her wishes known other than through her large, expressive blue eyes. The now-mummified young lady is laid on the floor to struggle and whimper. She very energetically tries to do something - anything! - but makes no progress other than entertaining us with her wriggling and struggling. After awhile, our henchman returns and drags her to the closet so her noises will not alert anyone else to her predicament.


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