IS-BW00122 Learning the Ropes

Release Date: Sep.19.2017
Running Time: 0:13:9
Category: Bondage Warehouse

Starring: Josephine Marloe

 Josephine Marloe is a very ambitious young lady in a new office, but she is upsetting the older staff, who had managed to convince management that the workload was much heavier than it is. Not willing to give up their good thing, one of the older staff takes it upon himself to tie the shapely Miss Marloe into his office chair with plenty of rope, and cleave gags the lovely young woman while he goes off to search for more binding material. Our ebony damsel is dressed in a shiny silk blouse, skirt and pantyhose. Our senior staffer decides that she is too comfortable and pulls her blouse and bra down before hoisting her up to the ceiling and removing her skirt as well. Now stripped to nothing more than her pantyhose and high heels, Miss Marloe is no longer prim an proper as she bounces around helplessly, crying for release.

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