IS-BW00123 Paying the Price for Greed

Release Date: Sep.21.2017
Running Time: 0:10:12
Category: Bondage Warehouse

Starring: Yania Fernandez

Ambitious and arrogant investigative journalist Yania Fernandez has finally uncovered the scoop of her career, and at long last has the dirt on a contractor she's been after for years. She breaks into his house to wait for him, gloating over his dilemma when he realizes she knows the sordid truth. The beautiful dark-haired Latina is greedy as well, and offers to cover up the story for a rather large sum. Pretending to go along with her offer, the contractor fetches her a down payment on the sum, but when she stands up to go, shaking her sexy leather-pants-clad booty, he grabs and subdues his tormentor. Tightly tied at elbows, wrists, feet and knees, she is also cleave gagged as she struggles in her satin blouse and eyeglasses. Left alone for a moment, Yania desperately hops and shuffles toward the door to make her escape, but is dragged back, strugglingearnestly. Will this case never make it to the light of day? 

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