IS-BW00124 Seduced into Bondage

Release Date: Sep.22.2017
Running Time: 0:15:8
Category: Bondage Warehouse

Starring: Alexandra Harris

 Quiet and nerdy Alexandra Harris is a busy mobile computer repair technician, and she is hard at work on a new lady client's computer. Having successfully recovered the client's lost drive, she idly starts to click through the files and discovers that most of the drive is pictures of young ladies in bondage. At first shocked, then curious, then intrigued, our glasses-wearing young entrepreneur starts to get a bit hot and bothered and doesn't notice the client return. Smiling, the client steps away quietly and returns with a selection of rope and gagging materials to allow the naive young damsel an opportunity to experience what she is obviously curious about. Tied into a cross-ankle hogtie on the coffee table and wearing a stuffed-mouth cleave gag, Alexandra's client hikes up her skirt so we can see her shapely pantyhose-clad bottom. Struggling gently in her unexpected situation, Alexandra asks some questions of her binder but seems rather content in her predicament. When the client starts to untie her so she leave for her next appointment, Alexandra suggests that perhaps if she were MADE to miss her appointment, the afternoon could be unexpectedly pleasant!

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