IS-BW00125 Corporate Greed is her Downfall

Release Date: Sep.24.2017
Running Time: 0:13:42
Category: Bondage Warehouse

Starring: Katherine West

 Katherine West works for a developer who has finally completed a land deal that will uproot a whole community. Her gleeful corporate greed rubs her assistant the wrong way, as it is HER hometown that Katherine is planning to destroy. Knowing that Katherine's personal presence is required at the final signing, the assistant tricks the executive into drinking tainted wine; when she awakens, she is treated to a thorough binding and mouth stuffing plus tape gagging. Katherine tries to hop away when she is left alone briefly but she is quickly grabbed and tossed on a bed, receiving more rope over her professional attire, including pantyhose and low professional heels. When she learns she will be kept at the mercy of the local community, or "hillbillies" as she disparagingly referred to them as when speaking with her boss, she squeals and fights, but to no avail as she is carried away.  

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