Bad Guys Get Bound

Release Date: Mar.21.2019
Running Time: 0:47:12
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Kyle Stone, Cory Lane, Shayla Stevens, Luke, Trixie Lovett, Casey, Hannah Thurman, Ted, Tiffany Thomas, Carlos, Roxanne Chadwick

MIB-12 celebrates the jerks in our lives finally getting what they deserve - a thorough binding and gagging!

Bad Guys Get Bound features six guys who are forced to suffer through bondage humiliation as punishment for being jerks! The fourth chapter of "Perils of a Punk Kid" starts things off with Steven Kidd being bound to a pole and tape gagged by Cindy Schubert.

Surfer Ted can have any lady he wants - or so he thinks. Tiffany Thomas is bored with his antics so she gets him tied up in his surfer clothes and flip- flops. Then she sticks a lime in his mouth and then tapes over it so he can't spit it out or say a word!

Luke has been stalking celebrity Trixie Lovett for months. Finally she gets tired of it and finds a way to get the drop on him. The next thing he knows he is tied to a chair and tape gagged. How does it feel to be at the mercy of the woman he's fantasized for years? 

Carlos is such a braggart! Everyone is completely sick of his big talk. Finally they decide to do something about it. Led by Roxanne Chadwick, his friends tie him to a post and ballgags him! Now he can't move or talk and all of his friends can laugh at him.

Muscular Casey is so self-involved that he forgets his girlfriend Hannah Thurman's birthday. Hannah gets back at him by hog-tying him and tape gagging him 


Kyle Stone is quite a domineering husband to his meek wife Cory Lane. When Cory's best friend Shayla Stevens gets tired of his act, she tricks Kyle into a pair of handcuffs. Once she has him cuffed, the rest is easy. She completely ties him up and tape gags his aggressive mouth. When meek Cory she's her tough husband all trussed up she is shocked to say the least! 

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