Roped Up Robby

Release Date: Jul.06.2018
Running Time: 0:45:34
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Robby Echo

Young businessman Robby Echo's hard at work when a robber desperate to escape invades his office. Robby's soon tied up and gagged on the floor; he makes a daring attempt to escape by rising to his feet and reaching for the phone on his desk. But he's caught before he can call for help and tossed back onto the floor.

When the burglar learns that Robby's father is a wealthy executive, he decides to take the unfortunate young man with him. Robby's tied bare- chested to a chair; after making a call to Dad and begging for a payoff that will bring his release, he's gagged with duct-tape by the skull-masked crook.

Stripped to his underwear, tied and tape-gagged, Robby squirms desperately across a wooden floor and attempts to open the front door with his feet. When he's caught by the angry thug, Robby's tied standing in a closet.

Dad's taking his time with the payoff so the impatient evildoer gets tough with Robby, who stands roped to a wooden post and ball-gagged. Later released from the post, poor Robby kneels on the floor, his body attached to a hanging chain that controls him as he twists and strains against his bonds.

It looks like the money may not show up after all, so the vicious crook takes it out on Robby, still tied in his briefs but now gagged with tape wrapped around his head. Writhing on his stomach after he's hogtied, Robby looks like he's in very deep trouble -- but perhaps all is not as it seems. 

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