Guys In Trouble!

Release Date: May.24.2018
Running Time: 0:48:55
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Nino, Anna Mills, Molly Matthews, Luke, Jamie Ann Martin, Jeff, Cindy Schubert, Miles, Chantel Osmond, Ethan, Chloe Shaw, Jack, Barbi Bentley

Guys in Trouble begins with our new serialized feature - The Adventures of Atomic Man! In the first chapter our mild mannered entertainment reporter is witness to the snatching of a beautiful Hollywood starlet. Bound and gagged by the ruthless thug, he must find a way to save the day as only Atomic Man can!

Nino begins the main feature as a corporate executive who is bound and cleave gagged by two pretty underlings (Molly Matthews and Anna Mills) at a convention. They further embarrass the executive by taking off his shoes and socks and sucking on his bare feet!

Luke is an actor hired for a part in a national commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. He doesn't have any speaking lines however as he spends the entire commercial bound and tape gagged while pretty blonde co-star Jamie Ann Martin hams it up.

Cindy Schubert is tired of fighting with boyfriend Jeff Garcia about what they are going to watch on TV. Her solution is to hog-tie him, tape gag him and watch whatever she wants to watch!

Miles is an old fashioned cowboy who believes in chivalry to the pretty ladies. When he finds school teacher Chantel Osmond bound and gagged, he of course is there to rescue her. Little does he know that Chantel isn't as sweet as she appears.

Ethan is a computer mogul who is captured in his own home by Chloe and a male accomplice. They force him to strip to his underwear and then bind and tape gag him. Poor Ethan is left to struggle in his underwear while desperately trying to free himself.

Jack is tightly tied to a chair while sexy Barbi uses her perfect hands to hand gag him every time he has something to say! 

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