Release Date: Apr.04.2017
Running Time: 0:35:1
Category: Videos

Starring: Loni



Beautiful exotic barely legal cutie Loni (all natural & no tattoos) (wearing a short business suit / skirt, PANTYHOSE and high heels) is an eager but naive young social worker who accidentally goes to the wrong address for a patient's psyche evaluation! The man who answers the door quickly figures out her mistake and takes full advantage of the situation! Loni is invited inside the pervy guy's house and the man explains his 'condition' to her, which involves the binding and gagging of beautiful girls!

Eager to please, Loni helps him with his 'condition' but soon things get out of hand and the strange man begins fondling her sweet body. Loni tries to deal with the awkward situation and allows the man to indulge his fantasies for the time being. The man handgags her, then stuffs a HUGE wad of cloth in her mouth Loni "MMMMMPH"s and GAG TALKS throughout the scene as she's spanked and heavily groped! Her boobs are exposed and fondled yet still she goes along with the kinkiness, indulging him with luscious GAG TALK! Eventually the man decides to tie her up with ropes! Loni senses that the situation has one too far but it's too late for her to resist! Suddenly the man pulls out a small white pad of cloth and pours a strange smelling liquid onto it! Loni becomes very afraid but her packed and mumbling mouth is quickly smothered with the chloroform cloth!

Poor sweet & daft Loni is slowly drugged to sleep while the man continues fondling her lovely body! When she passes out he carries her over the shoulder (OTS carrying) around his house! He fondles her while she's unconscious and when she wakes up she's greeted by a frim handgag, followed by a roll of clear tape that is wound around her cute face, effectively gagging her! Loni then becomes the man's personal bondage slave! He manhandles her bound and gagged body throughout this incredibly HOT video!

When she tries to escape by hopping to the front door she is intercepted and spanked for her insolence! Thrown over the shoulder again, her high heels are removed and her sweet little feet are fondled! Carried back to the sofa Loni is punished with a strict hogtie! The little cutie "MMMMMPH"s beautifully as her sweet body is hogtied and groped by the dastardly fiend!

The man reveals that he is a white slavery thug and delights in telling Loni about what awaits her! Finally he dramatically drugs her again with the chloro cloth!



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