Release Date: Apr.04.2017
Running Time: 0:19:1
Category: Videos

Starring: Loni



Beautiful exotic new barely legal model Loni (pronounced 'Lonnie') is amazon superheroine WW! After a long day of battling villains the determined crusader tracks her kidnapped superheroine sisters to the warehouse / laboratory of mad Doctor Morpheus (Eric Cain)! She enters the complex and calls him out but is met with only a mocking laugh! The feisty super beauty walks around looking for Morpheus but the mad doctor lies in wait with a chloro soaked cloth for his prey! WW is suddenly attacked from behind by the mad doctor who smothers her with his cloth for a brief moment before the tough superheroine breaks free and delivers a power punch! The doctor falls back but WW is weary after so many battles and her punch is not at full strength! She has also been weakened by the chloro cloth!

Before she can recover the doctor leaps on her again and suddenly rips away her power belt! He then clamps the chloro cloth back over her lovely face! WW "MMMMMPH"s as the source of her power is held in front of her, teasing her! The doctor then tosses the belt away and hungrily gropes WW's boobies as she is slowly dominated by the fumes!

WW passes out and becomes the new 'patient' of the doctor as he carries her over the shoulder (Lots of OTS carrying in this one) to another room where he fondles her relentlessly and drugs her with the chloro cloth each time she tries to wake up! (LOTS of chloro in this one)

WW is then carried into another room where she's tied up with her arms bound to a hook overhead, which is connected to a chain and is lifted up high, preventing the superheroine beauty her from defending herself! WW is then subjected to perverse bondage torment! As she demands her release as well as the release of her superheroine sisters her arrogant protesting mouth is stuffed with cloth and wrapped with a roll of microfoam tape! The helpless super damsel "MMMMMPH"s and gag talks wonderfully as her body is relentlessly groped, her ass is spanked, her tits are slapped, and her pussy is fondled!

WW is slowly stripped naked down to only her boots and her costume is held in front of her as the doctor humiliates her! The vulnerable stripped crime fighter is groped all over by the madman who tells her of his diabolical plans! Finally the struggling superheroine is dramatically smothered back to sleep with the chloro cloth and fondled as she hangs unconscious from the chain!




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