Release Date: Apr.04.2017
Running Time: 0:27:30
Category: Videos

Starring: Loni



Cute exotic Loni returns as WW the amazon superheroine hungry for revenge on the cruel perverse Dr. Morpheus who drugged, gagged, tormented and humiliated her in their first encounter and stole her tiara! She returns with a vengeance this time punching the lights out of the Doctor's henchmen and invading his laboratory! The arrogant superheroine then calls out the doctor but is suddenly attacked from behind!

Dr. Morpheus quickly removes WW's magic belt and clamps a chloro cloth over her beautiful face! The amazon heroine "MMMMMPH"s in shock as her boobies are groped and her senses are filled with the overwhelming odor of sleep! She is powerless to break the doctor's grip and he taunts her by holding her magic belt just out of reach! Unable to make contact with her precious belt WW slowly succumbs to the chloro fumes and dramatically passes out in the arms of the perverted fiend!

Dr. Morpheus 'examines' his drugged captive's beautiful body with his hungry hands, groping WW's luscious squeezable parts and making perverse comments! He then carries her over the shoulder (OTS carrying) to a table where he continues to molest her! When she tries to wake up he smothers her back to sleep with the chloro cloth and binds her with ropes! When she wakes up again WW is handgagged, verbally humiliated then gagged with a wad of cloth and a roll of duct tape!

WW is subjected to relentless groping as she "MMMMMPH"s and GAG TALKS beautifully throughout the scene! When she tries to hop away she is quickly recaptured, chloro smothered again and dragged back to the table, where the mad doctor hogties her! WW wakes up and gives a great struggle as her super body is fondled & spanked / roughly manhandled!

WW is then stripped naked (except for her boots) handgagged and continuously groped! When she gets too noisy the doctor prepares her for surgery with another heavy dose of chloro smothering!



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