Release Date: Feb.09.2018
Running Time: 0:25:2
Category: Videos

Starring: Katie, Raven




Gorgeous super buxom blonde Katie & sultry villainess Raven return in an amazingly HOT superheroine chloro video!

Canary (Katie) sneaks into the lair of white slavery kidnappers to find her missing superheroine sisters and gets attacked by villainess Raven! The evil vixen tries to chloroform Canary from behind but the dynamic superheroine uses her combat skills to break free and devastate her nemesis! Raven falls to the floor and Canary chokes and handsmothers the villainess to sleep!

Confident that she can handle any slaver that challenges her, the arrogant super beauty turns her back to her fallen victim and begins her search once more. Raven quickly recovers and takes advantage of Canary's arrogance, smothering the buxom blonde's beautiful face with her chloroform cloth again! This time she uses her boosted strength to overcome Canary and dramatically subdues the protesting heroine! Canary "MMMMMPH"s in muffled dismay as she's slowly put to sleep!

Raven dominates her fallen victim and subjects her to repeated chloro smothering & relentless fondling of her enormous breasts! She verbally teases sleepy Canary with comments about her being so helpless and forces the super damsel to endure a very hot WW 'Fausta' style chloro interrogation, where she is kept sleepy with the cloth while being questioned!

Canary is kept sleepy and weak througout the video, sometimes getting completely knocked out, as her perverse captor gropes her incredible breasts! Later she is stripped naked as her chlorofom torment continues! Raven reveals her major power of MIND CONTROL and mentally enslaves Canary! The helpless superheroine becomes the plaything of the cruel sex slaver and Raven forces her to grope herself while she handgags her sleepily moaning puppet!



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