Release Date: Feb.04.2017
Running Time: 0:28:0
Category: Videos

Starring: Wenona



Sulty vixen Wenona is a feisty girl detective (wearing yoga pants that look like blue jeans, a shiny silver blouse and red high heels) who finds the warehouse of a white slavery operation! She drives up to the warehouse, quietly gets out and sneaks around the complex with her trusty gun drawn and ready for action! Soon she finds evidence of nefarious activities: rope and a chloro bottle on the tailgate of a pickup truck parked outside!

The determined sleuth slowly approaches the building while a white slaver picks up the chloro bottle and soaks a cloth with it! He stalks the sexy girl detective and just when she is about to make a discovery he clamps the chloro cloth over her face and quickly disarms her! Wenona "MMMMMPH"s in shock as the strong man roughly molests her! He slowly and dramatically drugs the protesting girl detective to sleep!

Wenona becomes the plaything of the perverse slaver who carries her over the shoulder (OTS carrying) into his lair of horror! The sleepy girl detective is repeatedly drugged with the chloro cloth and relentlessly fondled throughout the incredibly sexy scene! Her feeble escape attempts are easily prevented and she is slowly stripped naked! The poor girl detective damsel is subjected to lots of hand gagging, spanking, bare feet fondling, and a very HOT chloro interrogation scene where Wenona is forced to reveal the name of her informant - another beautiful woman whom the slaver promises to target!



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