Release Date: Feb.08.2018
Running Time: 0:34:24
Category: Videos

Starring: Isabella, Katrina



Gorgeous Red Wonder returns in the prequel to her amazing chloro and bondage debut videos! The masked super beauty enters the lair of the white slavery fiends and searches for the Amazon Enslaver, a beautiful buxom super villainess who protects the evil thugs from justice!

Once inside Red Wonder is ambushed by the Enslaver who handgags her and gropes her boobs! A battle begins! Red Wonder manages to free herself from her rival's grip and deliver power blows that knock the beautiful blonde to the floor! The overconfident superheroine turns to face the villainess' henchman who is recording the battle on video and stares into his camera saying "Is that the best you have"?!?

She has made the mistake of turning her back on the crafty villainess who recovers much more quickly than expected and suddenly clamps a chloroform cloth over Red Wonder's beautiful face! The costumed crusader "MMMMMPH"s as the Enslaver dominates her and hungrily gropes her big boobies! This time the smug super beauty isn't getting away!

The chloroform does its work and the Enslaver encourages her smothered prey to go to sleep with soothing comments as the struggle continues! Eventually Red Wonder is dramatically drugged to sleep with lovely rolling eyes and fading muffled sighs!

The gorgeous super damsel slowly wakes up on the floor of a strange room, bound and gagged with duct tape and mouth stuffing! She has been dressed in the clothes of her alter ego but her costume underneath is revealed in flashes as she struggles and "MMMMMPH"s! She is still masked, but soon the Amazon Enslaver enters and her partner begins recording her struggles on video again! The gagged superheroine fumes into the camera as the Enslaver reveals that the video is being streamed live to the entire world! Then the buxom villainess dramatically removes Red Wonder's mask and her precious secret identity is revealed to the world!

Wonder is utterly humiliated at the loss of her anonymity and the waves of fear and dismay that sweep over her are expressed in her devastated eyes and pitiful muffled moaning! The Enslaver delights in the humiliation and defeat of her helpess rival, once so tough and bold, now just a gagged prisoner, unable to defend herself or battle for justice!

The Enslaver then reveals the full extent of her powers by using her MIND CONTROL abilities to hypnotize and then enslave Red Wonder! The super beauty dramatically succumbs to the mental domination and her eyes roll back in a gorgeous display of submission as her mind is flooded with blissful thoughts of serving her Mistress!

The Amazon Enslaver gloats over her completely dominated slave and commands her to rise! She then forces the super damsel (no longer bound with tape but still gagged with tape and cloth) to do a humiliating and sexy dance for her and the worldwide audience who are witnessing her enslavement! Red Wonder obeys her Mistress immediately and begins to dance in an erotic manner, running her hands over her body while the Enslaver fondles her boobs and ass!

The cruel villainess makes various humiliating comments to her slave and encourages her to strip for the world! Red Wonder continues to obey and slowly strips off her clothes to reveal her star spangled costume beneath! The Enslaver becomes more aroused and more cruel with her taunts as Red Wonder continues her erotic dance of submission! Eventually the Enslaver pulls Wonder's boobs from her costume, exposing them to the world!

Eventually she makes Wonder sit in a chair while she fondles the super beauty's boobs before pulling off her costume to leave her completely naked and vulnerable! (only her boots remain on) Next the villainess removes Wonder's gag but subjects her to handgagging and more groping! Wonder "mmmmm"s in brainwashed bliss as her Mistress has her way with her beautiful nude body!

The Enslaver then decides it's time for a chloroform smothering marathon so she covers her slave's face with her soaked cloth and delights in the sexy muffled moans from the submissive Wonder as she breathes the anaesthetic fumes that slowly drug her to sleep! Her beautiful eyes roll in drugged ecstasy as she's overpowered on another level and her submission is absolute! Wonder is repeatedly smothered again and again with the cloth and knocked out in a glorious marathon of smothered submission! (This scene is incredibly hot!) Finally Wonder is sent to dreamland once again before she is moved to the next stage of her humiliation!

Red Wonder is then bound spread eagle to the Enslaver's bed, barefoot and the cruel villainess fondles her sleeping prey who slowly wakes up and begins to struggle! The Enslaver has released the super damsel from her mind control but there's no escape from her bonds and her struggles and handgagged moans only excite the wicked Enslaver more! She taunts her muffled prey with kinky comments as she fondles her body all over!

Then she stuffs some mouth packing into Wonder's lovely mouth and wraps a roll of duct tape around her beautiful face very tightly, effectively gagging her! Red Wonder "MMMMMPH"s and GAG TALKS furiously as her mouth is heavily dominated and her feeble demands are contained and stifled! The Amazon Enslaver now unleashes her erotic wrath on Red Wonder, heavily molesting her writhing body and rubbing her helpless pussy! She sucks on Wonder's big breasts hungrily and often throughout this incredible scene!

The action ramps up to an amazing degree as the Enslaver continues her relentless assault on her gagged prey! Wonder gives quite a sexy struggle as her beautiful, helpless eyes reveal her frustration and dismay at her defeat and extreme humiliation! Eventually the Enslaver's lust grows to the point where she rips Wonder's costume from her body to leave her completely naked! The fact that the world is watching her in such a position of helplessness causes waves of gagged emotion to come forth from the defeated superheroine!

Still, the Amazon Enslaver is super charged and furiously attacks Wonder's lovely pussy, rubbing it intensely as the super beauty "MMMMMPH"s in denial of the forced pleasure that sweeps over her! The climax builds to a fiery crescendo that only another heavy dose of chloroform can subdue!





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