Release Date: Feb.08.2018
Running Time: 0:22:4
Category: Videos

Starring: Isabella



Paradise Amazon Superheroine Red Wonder searches for her missing Amazon sisters including the kidnapped WW! The feisty buxom crusader enters the lair of the white slavery fiends and begins looking for any signs of WW or the others.

She decides to call out to the slavers that she's 'here for Wonder'! Immediately the trap is sprung and a masked fiend quickly clamps a chloroform pad over Red Wonder's beautiful face! The sexy fiery haired super vixen struggles and "MMMMMPH"s as her big breasts are groped by the strong fiend! The surprise gasp of inhaled fumes puts Red Wonder at a disadvantage right from the start and her perverse rival takes full advantage of her weakened state, never letting her break free of his grip as he dramatically smothers the superheroine into drugged submission!

With rolling eyes of sleepy resignation Red Wonder passes out in the man's arms! He then carries his unconscious prey over the shoulder (OTS carrying) into another room where he fondles her on a bed while she sleeps!

Each time she tries to wake up she gets handgagged, until she becomes difficult to manage. Then she's smothered back to sleep with the chloroform pad. He continues this technique for a while, before he decides to let her try to get away. He plays a cruel game of cat and mouse with the sleepy super damsel and delights in weakening her and defeating her repeatedly!

The feeling of her plump breasts filling his hands drives him to more perverse indulgence with the fallen crusader! Red Wonder is then stripped of her magic power belt and is teased with it being displayed just out of her reach! At one point the villain hides in the other room and waits for her to recover from her latest chloroforming.

True to her nature, Red Wonder struggles to rise from the bed and goes toward her magic belt... but the masked villain intercepts the desperate super damsel and chloroforms her again as punishment for her insolence! Gorgeous Red Wonder is slowly stripped of her costume until she is left naked, wearing only her boots and tiara!

She is frequently handgagged and her naked pussy is manhandled repeatedly! She is always kept groggy with the chloro pad unitl the super sexy finale where she is put into a deep sleep for the night and carried away, naked and over the shoulder!



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