Release Date: Feb.08.2018
Running Time: 0:14:57
Category: Videos

Starring: Isabella



Paradise Amazon Superheroine Red Wonder has been captured by a strange & diabolical masked fiend! The super damsel's mission to rescue her kidnapped Amazon sisters, including the famous WW, has ened in failure and her defeat at the hands of her captor! She struggles on his bed, bound with duct tape and brimming with frustration!

How could she have fallen into his chloroform trap?!? The feisty, fiery haired crusader is suddenly met with a firm handgag that muffles her inevitable demands to be set free! She is no longer in control and the masked fiend takes full advantage of her helplessness by groping her large breasts as she struggles and "MMMMMPH"s into his hand!

The cruel Master delights in her squirming and mumbling for a bit then decides it's time to gag the lovely super vixen! Red Wonder's beautiful feisty mouth is stuffed with cloth and sealed with a roll of duct tape as she "MMMMMPH"s beautifully!

Once she's been heavily gagged with tape the Master fiend continues her groping torment and the utter feeling of helplessness begins to take its toll on the usually tough superheroine! Red Wonder "MMMMMPH"s and GAG TALKS heavily throughout the video as she's relentlessly fondled by the perverse fiend!

She struggles in vain to break her bindings but without her magic belt (stolen in her first chloroform video) she's powerless to escape the clutches of the mad groper! At one point she is teased by her belt being held in front of her and she desperately tries to grab it but her bound hands are unable to reach it and she greatly mumbles her gagged frustration!

Slowly Red Wonder is stripped of her costume until she winds up completely naked (except for her boots and tiara)! Her sweet pussy is rubbed and she is teased with a sample of what's in store for her in her new life as a slave! Finally Red Wonder is to be placed with her Amazon sisters so she is dramatically chloroformed to sleep while her boobs and pussy are groped! (This is one SUPER HOT finale)

At the end of the video, 2 alternated chloro finale shots are shown in their entirety!



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