Release Date: Feb.08.2018
Running Time: 0:11:27
Category: Videos

Starring: Amy



Cute barely legal blonde Amy is being stalked by a madman! The horrified girl runs for her life through the forest and her relentless stalker is hot on her trail! She has a particularly close call while hiding but soon escapes and continues through the vast woodlands!

Lost and exhausted the terrified girl tries to rest for a moment but passes out! Big mistake! The stalker finds his vulnerable prey and runs his hands over her sweet body as she sleeps! Eventually Amy wakes up and sees the stalker but before she can scream he clamps a chloroform cloth over her cute face and smothers her with it! Amy "MMMMMPH"s and struggles but in her exhausted state the fumes easily overpower her and she eventually passes out!

The stalker keeps his captive under control with his chloro cloth and when Amy tries to wake up again she is smothered back to sleep once more! Amy later wakes up completely stipped naked! She grasps at her naked body in disbelief! The stalker is nowhere in sight but neither are her clothes! The frightened girl is then forced to run through the forest naked and completely vulnerable!

When she rests against a tree to catch her breath the stalker's hand suddenly clamps over her mouth muffling her scream! He holds her threateningly and grabs her by the throat! Amy is then tied up with ropes at a secret spot in the woods! As her wrists are being bound she asks her captor what he wants with her.

He then tells her of his plan to hunt her down if she doesn't escape before he returns! He leaves the terrified girl gagged with duct tape and struggling intensely against her bonds and fearing for her life! Amy "MMMMMPH"s through her tape gag as fear overtakes her and there's nobody in sight to rescue her!

Just as she is about to give in to crushing dispair, she manages to get her feet free of the ropes! With renewed vigor the still bound and gagged damsel runs away and makes her way through the woods naked and unable to defend herself! Will the cute, innocent girl meet sudden brutal horror at the hands of the bondage crazed fiend, or will she find a way to escape the terror that stalks her in the woods? Find out in the suspenseful conclusion!


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