Release Date: Feb.08.2018
Running Time: 0:30:25
Category: Videos

Starring: Bonnie, Raven



Bonnie is back by popular demand! The gorgeous (no tattoos) brunette who stunned chloro fans with her luscious passouts in her first ever chloro video returns to prove that she's a quickly rising sleepy star!

Gorgeous spy girls Bonnie & Raven sneak into the home of a suspected white slavery ring leader looking for clues. As they search the living room the agents begin to talk about chloroform and how it was used to subdue the missing girls.

Then suddenly Bonnie is attacked from behind by her 'partner' Raven, who quickly clamps a chloroform cloth over her beautiful face! Bonnie "MMMMMPH"s in shock as her boobies are groped by her trusted 'spy sister'! Raven reveals her double-cross as a white slavery agent and delights in watching the struggles of her gorgeous partner slowly subdside!

Bonnie becomes the drugged captive plaything of lusty Raven! The cruel double agent heavily fondles her prey while keeping her frequently handgagged and loves to smother her into a half conscious state (and sometimes completely unconscious)! Poor beautiful Bonnie desperately tries to find out why Raven is behaving in such a bizarre way but Raven is quick to handgag and chloroform her and remains unrepentant, and even states that she truly enjoys her task of drugging and kidnapping gorgeous women!

Sleepy Bonnie is slowly stripped naked and her chloro torment contiunues as Raven reaches new heights of perverse ecstasy! Bonnie's naked body is heavily fondled while Raven continues her luscious, kinky, verbal teasing as she relishes the feeling of limp resignation from her chloro smothered prey! After a final cloth chloro, Raven stuffs the chloro cloth in Bonnie's mouth and puts a chloroform mask over her face! Bonnie struggles to stay awake but eventually passes out in a beautiful display of sleepy surrender!

(This is one VERY HOT chloro video not to be missed!)


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