Release Date: Feb.08.2018
Running Time: 0:11:7
Category: Videos

Starring: Sahrye



Gorgeous exotic Sahrye is the captive of a perverse 'director' who has tricked her with a fake audition! The poor damsel awakens to find herself on a bed bound with tape! Before she can cry for help a firm handgag muffles her as her captor gropes her lovely boobs! He teases the struggling, "MMMMMPH"ing beauty and tells her that she's going to be gagged. Sahrye doesn't like that news at all, and squirms in his grasp in a desperate attempt to evade the inevitable!

Sahrye's sweet mouth is then stuffed with a HUGE wad of cloth and sealed with a roll of duct tape that is wound around her head several times, effectively gagging her! The captive beauty struggles greatly throughout the scene and "MMMMMPH"s intensely as her body is heavily groped by the fiend (includes brief fondling of her feet)! Sahrye also 'gag talks' quite a bit, sometimes directly at the camera, as the desperation drives her between pleading for her life and anger at the humiliation she must endure!

Finally beautiful Sahrye is chloroformed to sleep!



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